Click Away 2016 - Photography Conference, Vancouver Photographer

October 18, 2016

Hey All! I’m so excited to share my weekend away with my friend Niki at my first photography conference, Click Away in Seattle! There were so many inspiring talks; not just about photography, or running a business but also improving ourselves and really pushing our limits and boundaries. To be fearless! Amanda Jane Jones welcomed us with vigor and enthusiasm, winning us over with her journey in graphic design; Jesh de Rox kept the momentum going with his talk about being fearless, not only in our photography business, but our lives as well. I’ve heard this kind of talk before--but because of current circumstances, the idea spoke to me more than times before. Me Ra Koh ended the conference with a vulnerable and powerful talk (I could listen to her talk for hours!) about a very personal experience she went through, which she calls her impossible time. We all have that time in our lives, or maybe multiple times, where we are at rock bottom, but when we get back up, we are amazed at how we’ve changed and how it has helped us in our lives. We also were able to learn from renowned photographers and get some hands-on experience. I finally got to meet one of my favourite maternity photographers, Taryn Boyd, of Blu Hippo Photography. I have been a huge fan the last couple of years and couldn’t believe I would actually get to spend a few hours with her, learning and growing! I also spent time with Jennifer Kielich, a photographer who showed me that you can be as silly as you want when you’re photographing a family because if the kids are having a good time, so are the parents! My last boutique session was with Allison McSorley, a photographer who is known for her photographs of children using the light to really show contrast in her work. All of the models that were there were absolutely incredible! I wish all of my clients were that perfect, especially the kids. ;) Below are some of my favourite images from the weekend. I can’t wait to go again! Hopefully next year!

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